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Speed Day Friday

Yep, I’m still training for the 2012 Pittsburgh Marathon, which is a little over 1 month away. I have a long run of 20 miles planned for this weekend but today is Friday, which means it’s a speed day.

Tuesday morning I ran at 6:15 AM and thanks to good old day light saving’s time, it was pitch black outside. I actually ended up running with a flashlight for at least 4 of the 6 miles. I loved it though. It was so peaceful and I literally felt like I was in my own little world, even though there were at least 10 other runners out that early. As I was finishing up my run, I got to enjoy this…

photo (9)
That’s a sun-rise.

It was glorious. I then headed off for a 12 hour day at work.

Today however was my speed day which consisted of 5 x 800 repeats. The first repeat was at a 7:30 pace, the last repeat at 6:40 pace…and you can guesstimate that the rest were somewhere in between there. Last week I did 6 x 800 repeats, but because I’m going long Sunday, I backed off. Unlike last year where my weekday runs were at least 9-11 miles twice a week, this week I have vowed never to go above 7 miles during the week and so far it’s working well. Some people would say that’s crazy for a marathon training, but my body just cannot handle the longer miles. It messed up my IT Band last year and I will not let that happen again this year.

I also decided that it was about time to break out the marathon hardware from last year to get me motivated for the last month…

photo (10)
My 26.2 necklace.

Every marathon that I have run so far, my mom has bought me these charms which are turned into necklaces. The front says 26.2, which always leads people to asking what does that mean, and then the reverse side has the city and the date. It’s a pretty neat idea if you ask me.

– – – – –

But alas, I am off to work another 12 hours.

Last night Mike and I purchased a lawnmower, he cut the grass, and I made our first home-made dinner together…

photo (11)
Home-made French Bread Pizza

I’m not going to lie,  it was amazing. Then we watched the season finale of The River on the floor of our living room (because we have no furniture yet). Such a creepy show, and I definitely think the season finale left more to be desired.

Have a wonderful Friday everyone! Smile

5 thoughts on “Speed Day Friday”

  1. Only you know your body best so I’m glad you’re adapting your training to what works for you rather than what people think you should do. Such a smart one you are 😉

    Are you going to post the recipe and instructions for how to make the French Bread Pizza? I would love to add it to my list of recipes to try.

  2. Those pizzas look really good! Congrats on making a homemade dinner in your new home.

    I don’t blame you for not running as many miles during the week. You know your body better than anyone else and especially better than a training plan. You’ve already done marathons and you can do a 20 mile long run so it’s not like you’re skimping on training. Plus, it’s amazing you managed to do all those runs and then go off and work 12 hours!

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