Just the basics.

Whole30, Day 3

Day 3 went really smoothy and I can’t really say that it was much harder than normal. I haven’t been experiencing many of the common symptoms while starting the Whole30 including fatigue, headache, dizziness, hunger, etc. 

I worked a 6 hour princess shift today, which was nice but I started the morning off with a quick workout and then made breakfast.


Eggs over spinach with bacon and fruit. This is my go to because it’s soooo easy to make and I love bacon and eggs. 

Lunch was at work and consisted of a salad with some sloppy Joe stuff like usual with Wholly guac, salsa, grapes, and cashews. I don’t even like salad but this is good!

I had a snack in the afternoon at the end of my shift which consisted of some baby carrots and peanut butter. I knew it was going to be a while until I got home with traffic and everything so I made sure I had some snacks. 

When I got home from work I smacked on a Lara bar until my husband got home and I started on dinner 

We had chicken thighs with grilled asparagus and smashed potatoes in bacon grease, which I thought I took a picture of but did not. 

Overall, day 3 was not as bad as I thought. I feel like my energy levels are stable throughout the day and that I’m sleeping so much better 

Whole30 symptoms: none

Whole 30 cons: still wanting a pop

Whole30 pros: stable energy and sleeping great

Just the basics.

Whole30, day 4

Wow, sorry guys or anyone who’s actually reading theses. The past two days have been almost impossible but here I am. 

Day 4 consisted of a great day off that started with breakfast: 

Eggs with spinach, bacon and fruit because I love routine as well as some tea. After breakfast I worked out and did a Crossfit type workout to get my body moving. Normally I can’t eat before working out and my energy levels feel weird after eating breakfast but I felt good throughout this whole workout. 

Lunch was another salad with grapes, raisins, olive oil, salsa, guac and a chicken thigh. 

Dinner was agin chicken thighs with potatoes and broccoli, cauliflower and carrots. No picture, sorry!

Day 4 overall was good. Not too many symptoms and still feeling ok. Really craving a pop though so I’m going to have to find some type of solution for that. 

Whole30 symptoms: craving pop

Whole30 pros: feeling good throughout my workout and throughout the day 

Whole30 cons: can’t drink diet pop! The cravings for this are real!

Just the basics.

Whole 30, Day 2

Welp, day 2 of the Whole30 wasn’t as terrible as I thought it was going to be. I had the day off from work and fully enjoyed it.

I woke up at a reasonable hour (maybe 8:00) and still felt sort of sleepy like I normally do. I didn’t have a terrible headache or anything like the Whole30 timeline states. I headed downstairs and have been trying to follow the rule of eating within one hour of eating like the Whole30 book recommends, which has been hard for me because I’m usually not quite hungry at that time.

I started my day off with some spinach I cooked in avocado oil, 4 eggs and a banana with cashew butter on top. I also had coffee with coconut cream as well. Sorry, no picture!

For lunch I had my husband’s pre-made sloppy joe like beef on top of a salad with grapes, raisins, salsa, Wholly guac, and crushed up cashews. I sprinkled a little bit of olive oil on top just for some smoothness. The addition of the fruit and cashews made this way better than it being plain.


Dinner included two chicken apple sausages by Adele, smashed potatoes cooked in bacon grease, and some stirfry veggies. We had an event for my husband’s old job that evening and knew there probably wouldn’t be any complaint food, so I decided to eat before leaving.


Overall, day 2 was pretty easy…especially since I had the day off. I didn’t feel any weird symptoms like fatigue, lethargy, headaches, or dizziness. In fact, I felt like I had good enough energy that I actually took Goose for a run for two miles in the middle of the afternoon…which never happens!

Whole30 Symptoms: craving a pop
Whole30 Pro’s: feeling full all day (STILL) and having enough energy to workout in the middle of the day
Whole30 Cons: craving pop

Onto Day 3!